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NAF is a non-commercial socially oriented, philanthropic, non-governmental organization (NGO), committed to the promotion of adventure activities and sports among the youth of the country with special emphasis on the underprivileged sections of the society.

However, it does organize ‘exposure to Adventure’ for anyone of any age, gender or vocation, if he/ she is interested in it, as cost-effectively as possible, based on ‘subsidy to those who need it, through grants advanced by Govt. Depts. like the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports’, while others pay as per services provided/ arranged.

APPI Paratrike School India


NAF Chapter Shirdi is the only Paratrike / Paramotor School in India which is recognised by APPI to issue Paratrike / Paramotor Licences. Paramotor is the generic name for the harness and propulsive portion of a powered paraglider (“PPG”). There are two basic types of paramotors; foot launch and wheel launch. Foot launch models consist of a harness attached to a frame. The frame is used to combine the harness, engine and propeller. The frame also includes a hoop and protective netting to separate the pilot from the propeller and the engine. The pilot wears this Paramotor like a large backpack which then is attached to Paragliding wing. Wheel launch units include some cart, usually having 3 or 4 wheels, with seats for one or two occupants.

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