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Paramotor Trike Courses

Get your wings and change your life! Powered Paragliding with APPI Instructors in APPI Schools will allow you to transform your life learning to fly with safety and fun. All our Paratrike courses are conducted according to the guideline and syllabus provided by APPI. For more information about APPI visit



Fast and safe. Two days of training up to your first solo flight. The best way to find out if Powered Paragliding is for you. The cost of your Introductory Trike/Quad-launch training will be part of your full training if you decide to become a PPG pilot.



New students learn at a different rate depending on their skills and previous flying experience, some will solo sooner than others, we will make sure that the necessary time will be taken to ensure that you are trained safely and correctly. The PPG Full Trike training last 8 days, weather and student skills permitted. The first and second day the student will learn terminology and maintenance of the complete gear, basic meteorology (weather to fly), aviation regulations, inflation techniques, ground school on flight patterns and landing procedures. Once a student has mastered these techniques and has a clear understanding of the flight procedures, the student will be cleared for the first solo flight.National Adventure Foundation(NAF Chapter Shirdi) is an Adventure Sports school NGO in Shirdi(Maharashtra,India) providing Tandem Para Trike Flights, Paramotor Trike Training Courses, Flying Expeditions and Equipment. The school follows the training system and is Paramotor Trike Training School and Tandem Centre. It is a franchise of APPI PT, the world’s leading APPI PT Paramotor Trike school that runs Paramotor Trike courses in the Switzerland, UK, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Qatar, Kuwait, Brazil, Bulgaria, San-Marino,  Morocco, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Netherland, Thailand, Slovenia and now in India. We are constantly striving to develop the sports we love and enable more people to see the world differently! We also offer Paramotoring related equipment’s for purchasing. Feel free to contact us at for any of your Paramotor buying needs.

Paramotor Trike Joy Ride

Looking for a fantastic and unforgettable sky journey? Look no further, we provide you with Paramotor ride which will make you trip unforgettable and memories to cherish throughout the lifetime!!

Paramotoring is the most rapidly developing form of aviation, not only because of the simplicity and low cost of Paramotoring as a sport but also due to the fact that it is extremely safe and enormously good fun!